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Optek 312 Dual channel Absorption Detector

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Optek Absorption Detector Model 312

Optek 312 Dual channel Absorption Detector used with Optek AF45 and AF46  high precision UV Absorption sensors ... More Info

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Optek Control 4000 Photometric Converter

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $2,500.00    

Control 4000 Optek Biomass Monitor and Control 

Optek Control 4000 is a powerful, microprocessor-based photometric converter. It enables precision process monitoring and control.  for Optek ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near-infrared (NIR) absorption-based and scattered-light based sensors ... More Info

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Aber Instruments Biomass Monitor 230

    Price: $3,500.00    POD Price: $3,500.00    

Aber Instruments Live Cell Monitor 230

Aber Instruments Biomass Monitor 230, measures live cell concentration and media conductivity in a cGMP or an industrial environment. Features 4 head amp channels ports, 2 Head Amplifier #2300 00, and 3 Sensors AF46-B UV Absorption units with Calibration Adapter, connecting cables and two sensors AF46. ... More Info

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Aber Instruments Biomass Probe Tester 1476-00

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Aber Instruments Futura Biomas Probe Tester

Aber Instruments (Futura) Biomass Probe Tester  Model 1476-00. The Probe Tester does 3 Tests to each Probe Electrode during its test procedure. Tests for Corrosion Leakage and Continuity. with manual and continuity test lead. ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical AF44 Optical UV Sensor And ECAL Detector

    Price: $1,200.00    

Wedgewood UV Sensor AF44 with EasyCal Calibrator

Wedgewood Analytical AF44 Optical UV Sensor And ECAL Detector. Used with Models 960 and 662 UV analyzers. Standard UV lamp housing with power supply, Viton and EPDM seals, configured to measure 280 nm wave length, and patented EasyCal system option that allows for quick and simple on-line calibration. flow sensor code 1A4 ... More Info

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Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor

    Price: $850.00    POD Price: $850.00    

Wedgewood B605 Flow Cell Sensor pH & Conductivity 

Wedgewood Analytical B605 pH & Conductivity Flow Cell Sensor. used with Model 602 pH and Model 622 conductivity analyzers to simultaneously measure pH, conductivity, and temperature. Installed inline with Sanitary Stainless steel flow cell that accommodates pH sensor and temperature compensated conductivity sensor. Conductivity sensor: TI Electrodes,QD BT724, seal type EPDM pH sensor type: GTDJ pH  sensor with quick disconnect. Flow cell code1A  ... More Info

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Wedgewood 662 Analytical Bio Monitor

    Price: $2,500.00    POD Price: $1,999.00    

Wedgewood Analytical 662 UV 622 conductivity 602 pH Monitor

Wedgewood Analytical Monitor:  Model 662 UV Analyzer,  Model 622 Conductivity and Temperature Monitor and Model 602 pH Monitor. ... More Info

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Becton Dickinson FAC Scan Flow Cytometer

    Price: $999.00    POD Price: $500.00    

Becton Dickinson Flow Cytometer   FACScan. The Becton-Dickinson FACScan is an easy to operate single laser analytical flow cytometer. Excitation is via a 488 nm laser line. In addition to the usual scatter parameters, 3 fluorescence colors may be detected for each cell - fixed filters are green (530/30), orange (585/42), and red (650 LP). The instrument has a pulse-processing option for doublet discrimination.

... More Info

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Radiometer Copenhagen ABL500 Blood Gas Analyzer

    Price: $2,499.00    POD Price: $1,000.00    

Radiometer Copenhagen ABL500 Blood Gas Analyzer with controller 05063

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Coulter Flow Cytometer Model EPICS XL-MCL

    Price: $1,200.00    POD Price: $1,200.00    

Coulter Flow Cytometer Model EPICS XL-MCL, station and System II Software, and power supply module.

Capability to analyze up to 4 colors of immunofluorescence from a single air cooled laser. Other multi-color applications include: multiparametric DNA analysis, platelet studies, reticulocyte enumeration, cell biology/functional studies and as well as a broad range of research applications. 3-color fluorescence with 4-color option, Air-cooled 488nm 15mw laser, 10µ x 90µ light beam,

Detector Range: 300nm-800nm, Flow-Cell Size: 250µ x 250µ BioSense, Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec, Min Cell Size, um: <0.5, Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec


... More Info

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Servomed Evaporimeter EPI Skin Analyzer

    Price: $249.00    POD Price: $225.00    

Norcliff Thayer Skin Analyzer, Evaporimeter EPI servomed 

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Molecular Dynamics Phosphor Imager 445 SI

    Price: $1,499.00    POD Price: $990.00    

Molecular Dynamics Phosphor Imager 445 SI,does not have software.

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