AGR Packaging Pressure Tester PPT3000

AGR Packaging Pressure Tester PPT3000

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AGR PPT3000  Pressure Tester 

The PPT3000 is a high resolution, servo controlled pressure and volume expansion testing machine, as well as shelf-life prediction test machine. 
Testing Modes Include 
  • Fill-ramp Mode- simulates the conditions for filling operations
  • Burst Pressure Mode- pressured quickly to a predefined pressure level
  • Custom Test Mode- capable of creating unique profiles
  • Programmable Volume Expansion Mode (option)- enables operators to configure the duration of time for capturing the volume expansion during testing
  • M-RULE Shelf Life Mode (option)- provides material utilization and predicted shelf-life data
  • Aluminum Bottle Dome Mode (option)- applies controlled internal pressure to a container to the point of base failure





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