HPLC Autosamplers

An Autosampler makes it possible to introduce a sample automatically into the HPLC system. This automatic insertion provides better repeatability, reproducibility, and time-optimization. Using an Autosampler provides the chemist with the ability to set up a design of experiments to be conducted with accuracy, while allowing the chemist the freedom to go do other things.

Top Autosampler Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are AgilentWaters Corporation, Rainin Dynamax, Shimadzu, and Leap Technologies.


1. What size samples can it hold?

Each Autosampler holds a variety of different vials and vial volumes. Please specify what your requirements are.

2. Is it heated or cooled?

If the Autosampler in which you are interested on our website does not state whether it has a heating or cooling function, it is a standard autosampler. If it has a heating or cooling function, it would be mentioned in the description of the item.

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