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Inventory List of Available Equipment NOT Listed on Website

HiTechtrader is a market leader in supplying scientific used and surplus equipment and instrumentation. The table below represents inventory that is currently available in our warehouse, however has not been fully detailed and listed on our website. Since 1982, we have accumulated quite a vast inventory of parts, new old stock*, and unique items for use in the engineering, chemistry, biology and physics disciplines. All of these items can be shipped anywhere in the US or picked up at our warehouse in New Jersey.
*”New old stock” means that the item is an older piece of equipment and/or that we have acquired second-hand, but the item itself is brand new in the package.

The links below will provide you a pathway to see the fully inventoried categories of instruments and equipment products that have detailed descriptions and pricing.

If you would like more information for any of the items listed below please call us at (609) 518-9100 or click here to email us. *Please include the item in the subject line of your email.

Once your inquiry has been received we will provide you an update in a timely fashion with available item details and specifications for the equipment.

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Analyzers-MetersAnalytical Technology Inc Gas Monitor13663
Analyzers-MetersBeckman 3405490
Analyzers-MetersFisher 815 MP13670
Analyzers-MetersFisher Scientific 1013672
Analyzers-MetersGow Mac 21-11013671
Analyzers-MetersHanna HI 90333593
Analyzers-MetersHanna HI 90332915
Analyzers-MetersHanna HI 99130010237
Analyzers-MetersOrion 1604540
Analyzers-MetersOrion 3503972
Analyzers-MetersOrion 3506832
Analyzers-MetersVaisala GMT22111893
AnimalUgo Basile 715013678
BalancesMettler 21042110687
Baths-CirculatorsCole Parmer 125813709
Baths-CirculatorsKoehler 73054126
BiotechnologyAmerican Scientific H2025-1A13682
BiotechnologyBaxter H2025-1A6178
BiotechnologyIntegrated Separations Systems ISS 5002686
BiotechnologyLaboratory Devices DigiBlock1860
BiotechnologyPharmacia LKB Easy Prep Pump Unit12367
BiotechnologyPharmacia LKB Easy Prep Pump Unit13688
FiltrationMillipore Pressure Filter Holder7806
FiltrationNuclepore UHP-765436
Flow-MetersGasmet Gas Flow Meter13675
Flow-MetersI2R WFM/18008405
GCAgilent/J&W Scientific 112-25327770
GCAgilent/J&W Scientific 122-32327771
GCRestek 101857758
GCRestek 103237764
GCRestek 106237768
GCRestek 109087765
GCRestek 109087756
GCRestek 110237767
GCRestek 110237752
GCRestek 110387755
GCRestek 113537754
GCRestek 113537769
GCRestek 113857759
GCRestek 124237753
GCRestek 124237766
GCRestek 140237757
GCVarian CP75947751
HPLCSepragen Corp. Superflo 5oo Column5433
Lab-EquipmentChemiPharm Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Co Inc Manual Capsule Filling Machine Manual Capsule Filling Machine Model 12927854
Lab-EquipmentCole Parmer 4805-0013696
Lab-EquipmentCostar pipette9614
Lab-EquipmentCostar pipette9613
Lab-EquipmentFisher Scientific 120M13702
Lab-EquipmentFisher Scientific 120S13698
Lab-EquipmentFisher Scientific Stirrer13697
Lab-EquipmentGralab 5259209
Lab-EquipmentIKA REO13700
Lab-EquipmentMLA Metron12623
Lab-EquipmentPrecision Scientific 6590613706
Lab-EquipmentThermolyne S-780513699
Lab-EquipmentThermolyne S-780513701
Lab-EquipmentVWR Scientific 20013703
Lab-EquipmentVWR Scientific 2304038
Lab-EquipmentVWR Scientific 31013689
Lab-EquipmentVWR Scientific 83009-7427016
Lab-EquipmentVWR Scientific Dylastir13704
Material-TestingBuchi B-5458025
Material-TestingLaboratory Devices Mel-Temp13673
MicroscopesCole Parmer 9745-006117
MixingEppendorf 532013684
MixingIKA MS1 S113679
MixingIKA MS2-S91769
MixingIKA Ultra-Turrax T813685
MixingIKA Ultra-Turrax T813686
MixingTomy MT-36013705
Pump-VacuumBarnat 400-190113654
PumpsCole Parmer 74900-0011993
PumpsMicropump 009-95513659
PumpsMicropump 101-95513662
PumpsMicropump 120-00013656
PumpsMicropump 120-99513658
PumpsMicropump 191-64513655
PumpsRainin 7101-06513676
PumpsRazel A-99.HMR5382
PumpsSage Instruments 341A13683
RefrigerationKelvinator TPK140EN3W13665
RefrigerationKenmore 233.67872250413366
RefrigerationVWR Scientific ET14MNXMWRI13664
TemperatureCole Parmer 8129-8013674
TemperatureKeithley Instruments 740213661
TemperatureOmega Engineering OM-3025468
TemperaturePacer Industries DH503589
Test EquipmentOpti-Quip 150013708
Test EquipmentOpti-Quip 15003477
WashersKenmore 363.1517900013669
WashersKenmore 363.1517900013667
WashersKenmore 665.1691200113668
WeatheringBlue M Test Createdtest
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