Plas Labs Glove Box Model 830

Plas Labs Glove Box Model 830


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Plas Labs Compact GloveBox 830-ABC

The Plas Lab Compact Glove Box is designed for use in hazardous situations where materials to be weighed must be contained or a nitrogen blanket is need . The chamber is for determining the dry weight or moisture content of aqueous solutions, adhesives, cereals, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, and light radioactive materials.

Specifications for the Plas Lab  Glove Box

Internal dimensions, 28″w x 23″d x 29″h. External, 43″w x 24″d x 31″h. Volume, 11.2 cubic feet.Transfer chamber is 12″ long x 11″ diameter (I.D.).Four purging gas valves.





POD™ Price



Plas Labs Inc Plas Labs Inc 830-ABC $3999.00 $3499.00 Working Current