Lab Incubator

A laboratory incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. They are essential for experimental work in cell biology, molecular biology, and microbiology. An incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity, and other conditions of the atmosphere inside. The simplest incubators are insulated boxes with an adjustable heater. More elaborate incubators can also include the ability to lower temperature (refrigerated), or the ability to control humidity or CO2 levels. 


Tips for How to Choose the Right Incubator

HiTechTrader offers a variety of incubators for laboratory use. When choosing an incubator, keep in mind the different features necessary to meet the needs of your experiment.

Do you need to control the level of carbon dioxide? Then you need a CO2 incubator.

Or perhaps your culture will optimally grow when in constant motion. Then a shaking incubator might be best for your experiment.

Top Incubator Manufacturers

Forma Scientific, VWR, and Lab Line are all excellent manufacturers.

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