Refrigerated Bath Circulator

Refrigerated Bath Circulator or laboratory chillers are very common across all laboratories. All have some sort of heating and cooling mechanisms. Setpoints can be specified by analog, digital and programmable controllers.

Temp Range

The temperature range of chilling baths greatly very. Some low temperature alcohol-based baths can achieve -100 C. A common Ethylene Glycol heat transfer fluid ( better know as Ant-freeze ) is commonly used between the temperatures of -32 to 40.  Different heat transfer fluids will provide more efficient heating or cooling at desired temperature ranges.

Bath capacity

Bath capacities also vary greatly. 6 or 7 Liter reservoirs are very common when used with a single rotary-evaporator unit.  The reservoir has enough volume to displace any heat discharge from the returning liquid.  If you are planning to run more than one Buchi R 124 for example a larger capacity bath would provide the customer the ability to split the cooling line and only use one bath.

Different Bath manufacturers have developed different styles of heat transfer.  Lauda, Huber, Julabo, Thermo, polyscience, Neslab, VWR have great reputations  and manufacture quality units.

Frequently asked questions


How will my bath be shipped / transported to me.  HiTechTrader ships recirculating baths box and or strapped to a pallet.


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