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Floor Refrigerated Centrifuges

Floor refrigerated centrifuges are designed for large capacities and/or speeds that require the samples to be chilled. Typically power requirements are 220 volts. These centrifuges are design to hold a larger capacity of samples and/or spin a larger capacity of samples at a higher separation rate.


HiTechTrader offers fixed-angle, and swinging bucket centrifuges. Many are general purpose, and include clinical, superspeed, and ultracentrifuges. We also have many different rotors and rotor inserts available.


When choosing a centrifuge, you almost need to work backwards in your steps:

1. Determine the number and volume of samples you will need for your process.

2. Determine Rotor Speed (RPMs) necessary.

3. Finally, choose a centrifuge that accommodates the first two steps.

Popular Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are VWR, IEC, Sorvall, Thermo, Eppendorf, Beckman, and Heraeus.

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