Centrifuge Rotor


Centrifuge rotors include Fixed angle, Swining Bucket, Veritcal Tube, and near Vertical Tube


Varying conditions can make the choice of a rotor somewhat difficult. Conditions such as sample volume, number of sample components to be separated, particle size, desired run time, desired quality of separation, type of separation, and the centrifuge in use. Fixed angle, swinging bucket, vertical tube, and near vertical tube rotors are designed to provide optimal separations for a variety of sample types.


When choosing a centrifuge, you almost need to work backwards in your steps:

1. Determine the number and volume of samples you will need for your process.

2. Determine Rotor Speed (RPMs) necessary.

3. Finally, choose a centrifuge that accommodates the first two steps.

Popular Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers are VWR, IEC, Sorvall, Thermo, Eppendorf, Beckman, and Heraeus.

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Fixed angle swinging Bucket

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