Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus


Reactors- Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus

A Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus provides a compact and easily operated system for treating chemicals with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst at pressures up to 5 atmospheres (60 psig) and temperatures to 80 °C. They are used primarily for synthesizing or modifying organic compounds by catalytic hydrogenation, reduction or condensation. However, they can be used in any other laboratory procedure in which a liquid and gas must be mixed vigorously, often in the presence of a solid catalyst, in a glass reactor at pressures up to 5 atm.

Shaker Manufacturers

Parr Instruments is the Cadillac brand and manufacturer for this category of reactors. They also stand behind their products with great technical support and parts. HiTechTrader offers a few different size hydrogenation reactors that shake.

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Photo of the Parr Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus

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