Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps


Rebuilt Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Rebuilt vacuum pumps can be costly but the risk rating is very low. The cost of materials for rebuilding a pump can range from $500-$1200 depending on the pump and the parts. Rebuilt pumps have been solvent washed, sandblasted and retrofitted with the proper seals, gaskets and springs. Our unique video inspection process allows you to inspect the pump in action before we ship it.

Repaired vs. Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps

Rebuilt vacuum pumps typically have three month warranties for parts and labor and will achieve better vacuum for a longer duration of time than a repaired pump.  Achieving good vacuum, low risk in other components failing, and minimizing down time are the primary reasons for getting a pump rebuilt. highly recommends rebuilt vacuum pumps.

Great Selection of Top Vacuum Pump Brands carries a great selection of the top manufacturer brands of vacuum pumps such as: Welch, KnF Kneuberger, Fischer Scientific, Cole Parmer, Leybold, Edwards, Kiko, Pfeiffer and many other brands.

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