Surge Protector


Power = Voltage x Current


Protect Your Lab, Instrument and House !


The power was off for only 20 seconds. The surge protector failed, and a devastating fire ensued.


“Standard surge protectors account for 37% of all home electrical fires.” 1


Typical surge protectors have MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology.


MOV’s can’t and are not designed to handle any rise in current


Every time a MOV take a surge hit – it degrades


An MOV degrades exponentially with exposures to surges


Protect your instruments, lab and home from current and voltage surges Power = Voltage x Current Why protect yourself from only ½ the equation? 


HiTechTrader is now an authorized re-seller of the Zero Surge product line.


Non-MOV technology Handles both Voltage and Current


Zero Surge series mode technology was certified by Underwriters Laboratories to withstand a minimum of ten years of worst case surges with no degradation or failure.


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Non MOV surge protector
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