CEM MARS 5 Microwave Accelerated Reaction System

CEM MARS 5 Microwave Accelerated Reaction System


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Mars-5 Microwave Reactor – Parts unit AS-IS

Cem MARS 5, Model No: 90700, Mfg Date 09-01-69, Microwave Accelerated Reaction System. Microwave
Accelerated Reaction System. Used to digest, dissolve, hydrolyze a wide
variety of materials for preparing samples for analysis by AA or ICP.
The system consists of: A microwave power system with user selectable
power settings (0-1200 Watts), A fluoropolymer-coated microwave cavity
(oven interior), A cavity exhaust fan and tubing to vent fumes, A
programmable microcomputer that controls and monitors the power,
temperature, and pressure within the reaction vessels, and is capable of
storing 100 programs with up to five reaction stages per program,
Explosion proof reaction vessels, and one specialized vessel for
monitoring temperature and pressure, An alternating turntable that turns
the samples 360 degrees within the microwave field, A door safety
interlock system that prevents microwave emissions when the door is
open. A carousel holding up to 14 support modules and reaction vessels
is placed on a turntable That rides on ball rollers and is turned 360
degrees per cycle, alternating the direction of rotation in each cycle.
The turntable fits on a drive lug within the oven.





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