DPM Solutions Calendar Roller

DPM Solutions Calendar Roller


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Heated calendar rollers, electrode press, laminator or hot press

DPM Solutions Pneumatic Calendar Roller, 10 inch roller, 650 watt heater cartridge in each roller with  type thermocouples  Tmax 150 C, roller speed adjustable from 0 to 8 rpm Hydraulic cylinders provide lift to the lower roller a gauge at the pump show the pressure exerted. P max 3400psi  the roller calendar has the facility for the rollers to be heated to a pre-determined temperature and the roller compression to be adjusted in order to achieve the desired end results.  The steel roller has been hardened to 57RC and electro-less nickel hard plated to provide durable quality.  Maximum usable width 250 mm. Electrical  supply 220 240 VA





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