Zenith Model BPB Series Gear Pump

Zenith Model BPB Series Gear Pump


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Zenith BPB Series Gear Metering Pump, Discharge Pressure to 750 to 1500 psi, Viscosity Range: 1 to 100000 cp, Pivot mount to non wetted saddle. materials of construction 400 series stainless steel, 1/2 Hp, 90 VDC, 4.7 amp Pacific Scientific motor gear down to speeds of 6 to 120 rpms, with a ZeDRIVE variable speed controller, Gear Pump Head unit is configured for a max of 0.160/0.287 cc/rev. which will deliver a flow as 3.6 to 36 cc/min,  Other pump heads are easily exchangeable to change the pump’s capacity. FOR PARTS ONLY.





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Zenith Zenith BPB $2499.00 $2000.00 For Parts Only Current