Ace Glass 12846-19 50 Liter Glass Chemical Reactor and stand


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Product Overview

ACE  12846-19 Glass Chemical Reactor 50 Liter unjacketed

Manufactured by Ace Glass in New Jersey this 50 L glass laboratory cylinder reactor model 12846-19 has 5 neck head. Ace Glass drain port at the bottom with threaded stopcock. Supported by steel frame on wheels. The Ace Glass model 12846-19 is part of the Kilo Series reactor manufactured by ACE-GLASS.

A 50-liter unjacketed chemical reactor with a bottom drain has a wide range of applications in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering. Its unjacketed design means that it lacks an external heating or cooling system, making it suitable for processes that don't require precise temperature control or for applications where heat transfer is not a critical factor. The bottom drain feature allows for convenient and efficient emptying of the reactor's contents.

One common use of a 50-liter unjacketed chemical reactor is in small-scale batch reactions. Researchers and scientists can utilize this reactor for carrying out chemical reactions on a medium to large scale, allowing for the production of a significant quantity of product. It is particularly useful in processes where temperature control is not critical, or when the reactants themselves generate sufficient heat during the reaction. The bottom drain enables easy separation of the reaction mixture and extraction of the desired product, simplifying the downstream processing steps.

Another application of this reactor is in process development and optimization. Chemists and engineers can utilize it to study the kinetics and parameters of a reaction, test different reaction conditions, and optimize the process before scaling it up to larger reactors. The large volume capacity of the 50-liter reactor allows for a substantial amount of material to be processed, providing enough sample for analysis and characterization. Additionally, the bottom drain facilitates quick and efficient removal of the reaction mixture, enabling faster turnaround times between experiments and reducing downtime in the development process.

Overall, the 50-liter unjacketed chemical reactor with a bottom drain offers versatility and convenience for various chemical processes, from small-scale production to process development and optimization. Its design and features make it a valuable tool in laboratories and research facilities, aiding in the advancement of chemical research and development


(No reviews yet) Write a Review