Autoclave Engineers Robinson-Mahoney Stationary Catalyst Basket Reactor


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Product Overview

Parker Autoclave Eng Hastelloy C Catalyst Basket Reactor 1000 ml

This reactor is NEW and never been used.

Manufactured by Autoclave Engerineers this Model PH-B100HC-MMNS Robinson-Mahoney Stationary Catalyst Basket chemical reactor.  This design circulates liquid reactants past a stationary catalyst bed. This 1 liter HAST C has a magnetic drive motor. Floor stand and electric heater.

Becuase of the bottom drain, this reactor can be used in batch or continuous modes.

Parker Autoclave Reactor Specification

  • Pressure Rating 5000 psi @ 850 F
  • Capacity 1000 ml
  • Material of construction Hastelloy C
  • Bottom Drain


(No reviews yet) Write a Review