Carbolite Gero 250 C Oven with multiple Sample 360 degree Rotation

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Carbolite Gero General Purpose Oven 250 C with 2 Rotating Shafts. 

Model # 20 900 447 - Rotating Shaft - 250 C

FU-A11 , 40 amps 240 volts 

Laboratory mechanical convection ovens are essential tools in various scientific and research settings. Their ability to provide controlled heating and uniform temperature distribution makes them invaluable for a wide range of applications. In this technical memo, we delve into the potential uses of a laboratory mechanical convection oven equipped with a rotary shaft that enables continuous 360-degree sample rotation. This unique feature expands the capabilities of the oven and opens up new possibilities for scientific experimentation and sample preparation.

Uniform Heat Distribution:

The mechanical convection technology employed in these ovens ensures consistent temperature distribution throughout the chamber. When combined with the continuous sample rotation feature, it facilitates even heat transfer to all sides of the samples, eliminating temperature gradients and ensuring uniform heating. This is particularly beneficial for applications such as drying, curing, annealing, or general sample processing, where precise and homogeneous heat treatment is crucial.

Enhanced Mixing and Reaction Kinetics:

The 360-degree sample rotation capability of the oven enables efficient mixing and enhanced reaction kinetics. By continuously rotating the samples, substances undergoing chemical reactions or mixing processes experience improved mass transfer, ensuring more thorough and rapid reactions. This feature is advantageous in various fields, including chemistry, materials science, and biotechnology, where efficient mixing and reaction kinetics are essential for achieving desired outcomes.

Homogeneous Sample Drying:

In drying applications, the continuous rotation of samples within the mechanical convection oven promotes homogeneous drying. The rotation helps to minimize moisture concentration gradients and facilitates faster moisture evaporation, leading to more efficient and uniform drying of samples. This is particularly useful in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and agriculture, where precise control of moisture content is critical.

Sample Preparation for Coating and Deposition:

The 360-degree rotation capability of the oven allows for uniform coating and deposition processes. By rotating the samples during these processes, consistent and even layers can be achieved, enhancing the quality and performance of coatings. This is vital in industries like electronics, optics, and surface engineering, where precise and uniform coatings are crucial for optimal functionality and performance.

Accelerated Heat Treatment Studies:

The continuous rotation feature in the mechanical convection oven enables accelerated heat treatment studies. By subjecting samples to controlled temperature variations while rotating, researchers can simulate real-world conditions more accurately. This is beneficial for materials characterization, metallurgy, and thermal analysis, where understanding the effects of temperature on materials' properties and behavior is essential.


The laboratory mechanical convection oven with continuous 360-degree sample rotation offers immense versatility and expands the possibilities for scientific research and sample preparation. The uniform heat distribution, enhanced mixing, homogeneous drying, coating deposition capabilities, and accelerated heat treatment studies make it an invaluable tool in various fields. By harnessing the capabilities of this innovative oven, researchers and scientists can achieve precise and reproducible results, accelerating their experiments and advancing scientific knowledge.

When considering the use of a laboratory mechanical convection oven, the addition of a rotary shaft for continuous 360-degree sample rotation elevates its capabilities and widens its range of applications. Harness the power of this advanced technology to enhance your scientific endeavors and achieve remarkable results.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review