Cole-Parmer Peristaltic Pump Model 7553-80 with Controller Model 50002-02

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Cole-Parmer Model 7553-80 Peristaltic Pump w/ Model 50002-02 Controller

The Cole-Parmer Model 7553-80 Peristaltic Pump offers precise and versatile fluid handling capabilities with its RPM range of 1 to 100 RPM, catering to a wide array of applications requiring accurate dispensing. Enhanced by two Cole-Parmer Model 70-16-20 Stackable Peristaltic Pump heads, this system enables efficient operation by facilitating the simultaneous handling of multiple fluid streams or increased flow rates as necessary. Controlled seamlessly by the Model 50002-02 Cole-Parmer Stir-Pak Speed Controller, users benefit from intuitive management of pump functions, leveraging its convenient on/off switch, which also functions as a forward and reverse switch for added flexibility. Moreover, the speed control knob, offering adjustments from 0% to 100%, grants precise control over pumping speed, ensuring tailored fluid handling to meet specific requirements. Whether deployed in laboratory research, pharmaceutical production, or industrial processes, the Cole-Parmer Model 7553-80 Peristaltic Pump system delivers reliable performance and streamlined fluid management capabilities. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review