FEI Quanta 200 SEM with Edax Detecting Unit

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Product Overview

Philips FEI SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE Quanta 200 Edax PV77 Detecting Unit

Manufactured by FEI this Model Quanta 200 scanning electron microscope ( SEM ) is matted with an detection unit Model PV77-60770 ME from EDAX.  Laboratory electron microscopes are powerful tools utilized in scientific research and analysis to study materials at the nanoscale level. These high-resolution microscopes use a beam of electrons to image and analyze samples, enabling scientists to visualize the fine details of various materials and biological specimens. In research laboratories, electron microscopes are employed in fields such as materials science, nanotechnology, biology, and chemistry, enabling researchers to investigate the structure, composition, and behavior of nanoparticles, cells, and materials. Moreover, electron microscopes find applications in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and metallurgy. In semiconductor industry, electron microscopes are used for failure analysis, quality control, and research and development of next-generation devices. In pharmaceuticals, electron microscopes aid in drug development and formulation, while in metallurgy, they are utilized for studying microstructures and identifying defects in metals. With their ability to provide detailed and precise imaging at the nanoscale, laboratory electron microscopes serve as invaluable tools for scientific exploration and industry applications.

Specifications for FEI Quanta 200

  • Voltage 210- 240
  • HZ 50-60
  • Amps 15 
  • FP 2012/11



(No reviews yet) Write a Review