Labconco 6 ft Xpert Filtered Balance System with Airflow Monitor

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Product Overview

Labconco 6ft User Protection Xpert Filtered Balance System

Manufactured by Labconco this 6 foot long XPert series bench top unit provides exceptional protection from powders and other particulates contained during the weighing process. Great for pharmaceutical compounding and pharmacy powder weight labs.

A Filtered Balance Protective Hood System offers a multitude of benefits in laboratory settings where containment and protection are paramount. This innovative system integrates advanced filtration technology into a ventilated enclosure, providing a controlled environment for handling hazardous materials. The primary advantage lies in its ability to capture and filter out airborne contaminants, ensuring the safety of researchers and preventing the release of harmful substances into the laboratory space. The system's design allows for flexibility in location, facilitating its use in various settings without the need for extensive ventilation infrastructure. Additionally, Filtered Balance Protective Hood Systems are energy-efficient, reducing the reliance on complex HVAC systems. These features make them an ideal choice for laboratories engaged in pharmaceutical research, chemical analysis, and other applications requiring strict containment measures, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review