Barnstead Nanopure Diamond Analytical Water Purification System

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Product Overview

BARNSTEAD THERMOLYNE D11901 NANOpure Diamond Analytical

Resistivity> 18.0 m?-cm
TOCLess than 10 ppb
Flow Rate 1.5 lpm max
Feed Water Requirements for D11901 NanoPure
TypesRO, DI, distilled.TOCLess than 1.0 ppm.Turbidity1.0 N.T.U. maximum.Pressure RangeGravity feed to 100 psig (7kg/cm2) maximum.Temperature Range4°C - 40°C (40-104°F)TDS (CaCO3)< 70 ppmSilica< 1 ppmSilt< 5% SDI


(No reviews yet) Write a Review