Omni Mixer ES Homogenizer

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Product Overview

Omni Mixer ES Homogenizer

The Omni Mixer ES Homogenizer is a powerful and versatile laboratory homogenizer designed for efficient sample processing. It features a 700-watt variable speed motor with a speed range of 500 RPM to 28,000 RPM, allowing for thorough homogenization of a wide range of sample volumes from 0.25 mL to 10 liters. The Omni Mixer ES is compatible with various stainless steel generator probes ranging from 10 to 30 mm in diameter, as well as glass, plastic, or stainless steel chambers. Its robust construction and ease of use make it an ideal choice for homogenizing, blending, and creating emulsions in various laboratory applications.

  • Digital speed display
  • 115v, 700W, 60 Hz
  • With one 16 mm generator
  • Stand included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review