Parker AutoClave 100 ml MicroClave Catalytic Reactor

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Parker PH-M100SS-MMAS High Pressure 100ml SS Chemical Reactor

Micro Clave High Pressure Reactor Rated for 5,500 PSI @ 650 F, 316 Stainless Steel construction,  Usable 75 ML Volume - air motor drive (optional variable speed electric motor drive) 6 ports: one thermocouple well for measuring internal temperature, a feed port that can introduce two flows. The line also is attached to a safety rupture disk fitting. Pressure measuring port and two additional ports that are capped. The reactor can be either heated by a heater (not included), or either cooled or heated using a transfer liquid through the coil. The Magne-Drive shaft is cooled by flowing coolant near the base. PH-M-100-SS-MM-AS is the Parker Autoclave part number reference.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review