PE Lambda 800 UV VIS Spectrophotometer

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Product Overview

Perkin Elmer PE Lambda Model 800 UV VIS  double beam, double monochromator spectrophotometer.  Wavelength Range 185 to 900 nm, Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.08 nm,  wavelength reproducibility < 0.02 nm,  Spectral bandwidth 0.05 nm to  5.00 nm in 0.01 nm increments, Integration time 0.04 to 10 seconds in 0.04 second increments.

This instrument is much like the PE lambda 650 and PE lambda 850 but a generation older.  The lambda 900 and 950 are units that have the NIR capability.

A lab UV Vis spectrophotometer offers a multitude of benefits and serves a wide range of industries. Firstly, it enables accurate and precise measurement of absorbance and transmittance of light across the UV and visible spectrum. This capability is crucial in quantifying the concentration of analytes in samples, identifying unknown compounds, and studying chemical reactions. UV Vis spectrophotometers find applications in pharmaceuticals, where they aid in drug analysis, quality control, and formulation development. They are also extensively utilized in environmental monitoring to assess water quality, detect pollutants, and study the effects of UV radiation. Additionally, these instruments are indispensable in biochemistry, molecular biology, and life sciences for DNA and protein quantification, enzyme kinetics, and cell viability assays. The market for lab UV Vis spectrophotometers spans across research laboratories, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, environmental testing facilities, and more, contributing to advancements in scientific research, diagnostics, and product development.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review