Welch Chemstar 1402N Vacuum Pump

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Welch 1402N Laboratory Vacuum Pump

Welch Chemstar Vacuum Pump Model 1402N is used for pumping corrosive gases. Dual Seal 160 Liters/Min., 5.6 Cubic feet per minute (CFM)., 1/2 hp., 115 volt, 60 hz. With Emerson motor C63CXGZP-4780, 1/2 hp, 1725 rpm.

Rebuilt Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Rebuilt pumps have been solvent washed, sandblasted and retrofitted with the proper seals, gaskets and springs. Our unique video inspection process allows you to inspect the pump in action before we ship it.

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Welch 1402N Pump Features:

  • High Contamination Tolerance -Large Oil Capacity Dilutes Contaminants
  • Reduced Frictional Wear -Low (580) RPM for low wear and cool operation
  • Nitrogen Purge -degas and cool oil
  • Accessories for Corrosion Protection
  • Vital parts Corrosion Resistant
  • PTFE coated oil case
  • Fluoroelastomer gaskets and seals

The utilization of Teflon or non-corrosive seals in rotary vane oil vacuum pumps provides numerous benefits, including chemical resistance, enhanced lubrication, high-temperature stability, reduced contamination, and extended service life. These seals offer superior sealing performance, ensuring reliable operation and protecting the pump from chemical degradation or failure. By adopting Teflon or non-corrosive seals, industries can optimize the performance and longevity of their rotary vane oil vacuum pumps, enhancing efficiency, reducing maintenance requirements, and maximizing productivity



(No reviews yet) Write a Review