Replacing Buchi Rotavap Vapor Ducts

Buchi Rotavapor Vapor Ducts

Vapor Ducts for the Buchi Rotavap can look very similar. But it is very important to replace your broken vapor duct with the correct part number for that particular Buchi Rotavap model. Hitechtrader has been helping customers find the correct replacement parts for their Rotary Evaporators as well as all other types of lab equipment. Our technical support team will help you find the correct replacement vapor duct for your Buchi Rotavap.

Why is it Important to Buy the Correct Buchi Vapor Duct?

The video below demonstrates how two different vapor ducts that look the same will not work on a particular Buchi Rotavap.


Buchi Vapor Duct Tube Comparison

This is a replacement vapor duct for the Buchi Re-111 RE-121. Buchi part number 023738 24/40 joint. This is a new item and has never been used. This part looks very similar to the Buchi part numbers (32002 32340 32336 32335 10114 10175)

Other Parts and Accessories Available for your Buchi Rotavap

  • Evaporator Glassware
  • Vapor Duct Water
  • Vapor Duct Dry Ice
  • Vacuum Pumps Rebuilt
  • Vacuum Pumps Tested

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