Agilent Upgraded to 5977 GCMS Triple Axis System with Autosampler

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Agilent 5973 Upgraded to 5977 GCMS Triple Axis System 

This refurbished Agllient Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer system has been refurbished and the MS system has been upgraded.  The upgrade provides the ability to install 5975 High Speed Compatible Main Board (also works with 5977 Analyzers). This makes available the high-speed simultaneous SIM/SCAN mode analyses.

Utilizing Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) with high-speed simultaneous SIM/SCAN mode presents numerous benefits for analytical laboratories. This innovative mode enables the acquisition of both selected ion monitoring (SIM) and full-scan spectra simultaneously, providing comprehensive data acquisition in a single analytical run. The high-speed capability enhances throughput without compromising data quality, allowing for rapid screening of compounds while retaining the ability to perform targeted analysis of specific ions. This versatility is invaluable in fields such as environmental analysis, food safety testing, and forensic toxicology, where the rapid identification and quantification of target analytes are crucial. Laboratories benefit from increased productivity, enhanced analytical capabilities, and improved efficiency in compound identification and quantification, ultimately leading to more informed decision-making and expedited research and development processes.

  • Agilent 7683 Autosampler
  • Turbomolecular or Diffusion High Vacuum Pump 
  • Computer with Software


(No reviews yet) Write a Review