Agilent GC-MS 7890 5977 with G4515A Autosampler System

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Agilent GC/MS 5977A FID TCD System Gas Chromatograph

Manufactured by Agilent, this model 7890 gas chromatograph has an Agilent model 5977A mass spectrometer detector ( MSD ) attached to it. The GC has both TCD and FID detectors installed. The system can feature an inert inlet liner, inert gold seals, and an inert GC column, and improves manufacturing processes and controls, with less variability and generates guaranteed lower MDL specifications, plus integrated intelligence that enables easier configuration and method development.

This Agilent system is fully loaded with multiple detectors. Computer and Software is included.


  • FID
  • TCD
  • MSD




(No reviews yet) Write a Review