Laboratory Baths-Circulators

A laboratory bath is laboratory equipment made from a container filled with (most commonly) heated water. It is used to incubate or cool samples, reagents, or enable certain chemical reactions to occur, in liquid, at a constant temperature over a long period of time. All baths have either a digital or analogue temperature control to allow the user to set a desired temperature. Baths come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of temperatures. They can also be Non-circulating, Circulating, or Shaking.

HiTechTrader has categorized our baths and circulators based on heat transfer needs. Circulating baths (sometimes called stirrers or stirring baths) are ideal for applications where temperature uniformity and consistency are critical. Liquid is thoroughly circulated throughout the bath by means of a pump or stirring mechanism, resulting in a more uniform temperature. Non-Circulating baths rely mostly upon convection as opposed to uniform heating. Therefore, they are less accurate in terms of temperature control. You can always accessorize with a stirrer to create more uniform heat transfer.

When purchasing a bath, there are some important factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.

1. What are the expectations of the bath? Are you heating? Are you cooling?
2. What are your power requirements?
3. What is the capacity/volume that you require?
4. Dimensions are critical. What are your length, width, and depth requirements for the reservoir?
5. What temperature range do you require?

Top Manufacturers

Leading manufacturers for baths and circulators are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Neslab, Julabo, VWR, Polyscience, Huber, Eppendorf, Precision Scientific, New Brunswick Scientific, Blue-M, and Lab-Line.

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