VWR 1173-PD Recirculating Chiller Positive Displacement Pump

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Product Overview

VWR Polyscience 1173PD Recirculating Chiller

Manufactured by Polyscience this VWR Model 1173-PD Recirculating Chiller has a postive displacement pump with flow rates up to 1 gallon per minute. The main function of a 1-gallon laboratory recirculating chiller is to provide efficient cooling and temperature control for laboratory equipment and processes. This compact and portable chiller is designed to recirculate a small volume of coolant, typically one gallon, through laboratory instruments like rotary evaporators, multi - condensers, ICP, Mass Spectrometers and other equipment that require precise temperature regulation. The chiller removes excess heat generated during experiments, maintaining a stable and controlled temperature within the laboratory equipment. Its compact size and recirculating capability make it suitable for smaller-scale laboratory applications, ensuring consistent cooling performance and supporting sensitive experiments that demand accurate temperature control. With its user-friendly operation and reliable cooling capabilities, the 1-gallon laboratory recirculating chiller enhances productivity, protects valuable laboratory equipment, and contributes to successful research outcomes in various scientific fields.

VWR Polyscience 1173-PD Recirculating Chiller Specifications 

  • Temperature Range -10° to 40°C
  • Compressor 1/3 HP
  • Pump Motor 1/4 HP
  • Cooling Capacity @20°C 1200 watts 4092 BTU/hr
                                10°C 900 watts 3069 BTU/hr
                                  0°C 500 watts 1705 BTU/hr
  • Flow Rate 1 gpm / 3.75 lpm
  • Reservoir Capacity 1.1 gal / 4.2 liters
  • Voltage 115
  • Amps 13.5


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