VWR Buchner Funnel 700ML

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VWR Buchner Funnel 700ML, VWR Catalog number 8909-128

The uses of Buchner filtering funnels are diverse and extend to multiple industries and research fields. In chemistry, these funnels are employed for purification and separation of chemical compounds, removing impurities or isolating desired components. They find applications in analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, and pharmaceutical research, aiding in sample preparation and analysis. In the biological sciences, Buchner filtering funnels are utilized for cell culture filtration, separating cells or cellular debris from culture media. They are also instrumental in microbiology laboratories, facilitating the filtration of microbial suspensions and cultures. Furthermore, in environmental science and water treatment, these funnels are employed to filter water samples, removing particulate matter and impurities for analysis. Overall, the versatility and effectiveness of Buchner filtering funnels make them indispensable tools in numerous industries and research fields where filtration is a critical step in sample processing and analysis.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review