VWR Advanced Orbital Shaker Model 10000-1

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Product Overview

VWR Advanced Orbital Shaker 10000

  • Volts- 120, Watts- 80, Amps- 50 / 60 Hz 1 Phase, Fuse- 5 x 20mm 5 AMP Quick Acting
  • RS-232 cable not included
  • Orbit- 25 mm (63/64"),
  • Speed 15 - 500 rpm
  • Timer Range- One Second through 160 Hours
  • Overall Dimensions 72 x 68 x 18 cm (28 5/16" x 26 1/2" x 7")
  • Tray Dimensions- 61 x 61 cm (24" x 24")
  • Max Load - 46 kilo (100 lbs)

A lab orbital shaker offers numerous benefits and finds applications in various markets. Firstly, it facilitates the thorough mixing of substances by providing a gentle yet efficient shaking action. This ensures uniform distribution of components, enhancing reaction efficiency and accuracy in fields such as pharmaceutical research, chemical synthesis, and biochemistry. Additionally, orbital shakers are instrumental in cell culture studies, where they promote optimal growth conditions by maintaining cells in suspension and preventing sedimentation. These versatile devices also aid in molecular biology applications, including DNA extraction and protein purification, by enabling controlled agitation and incubation. With their broad range of applications, lab orbital shakers play a crucial role in scientific research, quality control, and product development across industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverages, and environmental analysis.

Shipping Weight- 92 kilo (200 lbs)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review