Balances, or weighing scales, or scales, are devices used to measure weight or to calculate mass. Sometimes they are also called balance scales, beam balances, or laboratory balances. There are many different types of balances; they range from simple spring scales and beam balances, to digital and super-precise analytical balances.

HiTechTrader sells a variety of balances that can be used in a multitude of markets.

Popular Manufacturers

Some of the common manufacturers within our balance inventory are Mettler Toledo, Ohaus, VWR, Sartorius, and Cahn.


1. Do you calibrate the balance before it ships?

No. We do not calibrate any balances prior to shipment. Balances need to be calibrated in the environment in which they are to be used. Moving a balance once it’s been calibrated can undo the calibration.

2. How do you generally ship balances?

Most times, balances can be shipped via small parcel service. However, analytical balances, due to their very fragile nature, would need to be shipped on a small pallet via freight. Please note that this can be more expensive, but it will arrive safely.

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