Analytical Instruments

At Hi Tech Trader we sell only the best Analyzers-Meters on the market.

In the analyzer-meters lab equipment category, we have a very wide variation of laboratory analytical instruments that sense chemical, signal, frequency, pH, humidity, and particle size. The instruments in this category detect, analyze, report, and alert. In most cases, to getting the instrument ready involves three critical steps:

The first step is to understand what the engine is detecting. Is this detection probe or device working properly?

The second step is to understand the data that is generated from the detection probe into the main instrument. For example, if a probe is to detect between 0-5 volts, the gauges or readouts on the instrument should represent a signal from 0 to 5 Volts.

The third step is to understand the output of the main instrument. The output of the instrument could be used to trigger another device, a series of relays or data for a chart recorder.

Hi Tech Trader has a variety of technical instruments that we use to determine if instruments are working properly. We have moved away from chart recorders to analog / digital converters. Some insurance however cannot be checked out if we do not have the proper probes or input signal devices.

Please ask for one of our product demonstration videos at any time. We love using video to demonstrate the functionality / accuracy / repeatability of the instrumentation we are selling.

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