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Product Overview

Yamato Scientific Recirculating Chiller 3.5 Liters

Manufactured by Yamato Scientific the model CF302LA  has a reservoir capacity of 3.5 Liters (0.93 gallons)  and a temperature range of -20 to 30 C. The flow rate is apx 10 L/min.

Specifications for the Yamato CF302LA is below

  • Cooling Capacity apx 420 W @ 10 C
  • Temperature Range -20.0 C – 30.0 C
  • Temp Control Accuracy ±1.0 °C (≥ 0°C) /  ±1.5 °C (< 0°C)
  • Temp Fluctuation 3.0 °C (≥ 0°C) / 4.0 °C (< 0°C)
  • Flow Rate 10 L/min ( 2.6 gal/min )
  • External Dims (W x D x H) 225 x 434 x 564 mm or 8.8 x 17 x 22.2
  • Volts 115
  • Amps 7.5

A recirculating chiller is essential when using a rotavapor water condenser in laboratory applications, primarily because it helps maintain precise and consistent temperatures during the process. The rotavapor, or rotary evaporator, is commonly used for the evaporation of solvents in various laboratory procedures, including distillation and concentration. The water condenser plays a crucial role in cooling the solvent vapor, condensing it back into a liquid, and facilitating efficient separation. However, maintaining a stable and controlled temperature is paramount for the success of these processes. A recirculating chiller, connected to the rotavapor's condenser, ensures that the cooling medium (usually water or a water-glycol mixture) consistently circulates at the desired temperature, preventing overheating and enabling accurate control of the evaporation process. This temperature control not only improves the efficiency of solvent recovery but also helps protect sensitive samples from potential heat-related damage, making the combination of a rotavapor water condenser and a recirculating chiller an invaluable tool in laboratory settings.

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