Precision Model 66630 Series 180 Water Bath

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Product Overview

Precision 180 Heating Water Bath

The Precision 180 Heated Water Bath is an essential tool in laboratory settings, providing precise liquid temperature control for various scientific applications. Renowned for its reliability and accuracy, the Precision 180 ensures uniform heating of samples, creating an ideal environment for incubation, thawing, and general water bath procedures. Its intuitive controls enable users to set and monitor temperatures with ease, while its robust construction ensures durability and long-term performance. With a generous capacity and compatibility, the Precision 180 accommodates diverse experimental needs, making it a versatile asset in research, healthcare, and educational laboratories. Whether used for culturing, enzyme reactions, or maintaining samples at a constant temperature, the Precision 180 Water Bath provides consistent and dependable results, facilitating scientific discovery and experimentation.

Temp AMB: +5c-95c

Liquid Compasity: 1.5 Liter


(No reviews yet) Write a Review