Julabo Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulator Model FPW55- SP

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Julabo Ultra-Low Chiller Model FPW55-SP

Low Temp Limit -55 C Chiller, Apx 22 Liter bath capacity

The Julabo refrigerated circulators employ a circulator head and a cooling machine with bath tank, and have been designed for heating and cooling of liquids in a bath tank. Besides the cooling aggregate, the main functional elements are the heater, circulation pump, and control electronics. An electronic proportional temperature control (PID characteristic) adapts the heat supplied to the thermal requirements of the bath.

Temperature range, -55 - 100 C, Mains power connection 230/60/3phases, 6600 watts

Bath opening (WxD)/ bath depth 28x25/23 cm



(No reviews yet) Write a Review