Thermo Scientific RFMS2305A Flammable Material Refrigerator FMS 23-cu ft

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Product Overview

Thermo Revco RFMS2305A Flammable Material Refrigerator 23-cu ft

Manufactured by Thermo Revco the Flammable Material Storage ( FMS ) model RFMS2305A has a storage temperature range from +1 to 8 C. A flammable storage refrigerator offers crucial benefits in laboratory and industrial settings where the safe storage of volatile materials is paramount. These specialized refrigerators are designed with features such as spark-free interiors, sealed compartments, and enhanced ventilation to minimize the risk of ignition. The key advantage lies in their ability to store flammable chemicals and substances at controlled temperatures, ensuring the integrity of sensitive samples while mitigating safety hazards. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemical research heavily rely on flammable storage refrigerators to protect valuable materials and maintain compliance with safety regulations. The precise temperature control within these refrigerators also ensures the stability of temperature-sensitive reagents and samples. Overall, the benefits of flammable storage refrigerators contribute to the secure storage of volatile substances in laboratories, supporting safety protocols and the integrity of research processes in diverse markets.


Specifications for Thermo Revco RFMS2305A 

  • Exterior Dims 28 x 37 x 78.6 (WxDxH)
  • 115 Volts




(No reviews yet) Write a Review