AIC Plate Heat Exchanger A190 42 plate 40 gallon per min

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Product Overview

AIC Process Heat Exchanger Model A190

Manufactured by AIC this plate heat exchanger is a great to keep material at a constant temperature.

  • The full model A190X-1G1-54/42 was designed to handle a flow rate of 40 gallons / minute.
  • Design Pressure 150 PSIG
  • Design Temperature 366 F
  • Plate Material AISI 316 0.5 mm
  • Gasket Material EPDM
  • Number of Plates 42
  • Heat Transfer Area 95.9 FT^2
  • Weight 494 Lbs

Efficient heat transfer and compact design meet the diverse needs of university-level research and various industries. HiTechTrader purchase and sells advanced plate heat exchangers offer a high heat transfer area, typically ranging from 50 to 100 ft², allowing for optimal thermal performance and versatility.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review