Parr 4525 1 Liter Stainless Steel High Pressure High Temperature Chemical Reactor

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Product Overview

Parr 4525 1000 ml Bench Top Pressure Reactor

Manufactured by Parr Instruments the 4525 Bench Top Reactor Vessel sets the bench mark for safe testing of samples. The vessel, head, and internal fittings are crafted from T316 Stainless Steel, ensuring exceptional corrosion resistance and structural integrity. The Head is tapped for Cooling coils and for a mixing head along with fitted teflon seal. With a maximum pressure rating of 1900 PSI at 350°C, this reactor vessel offers unparalleled safety and versatility for a wide range of experimental conditions.

The 4525 Bench Top Reactor Tower is a versatile and powerful tool for chemical synthesis. For ease of use and for versatility both the fixed head motor and aluminum block heater are electricly run, this avoids the requirement for compressed air in the laboratory. The addition of an aluminum block electric heater ensures precise temperature control, vital for conducting reactions with accuracy and consistency. The Reactor Tower offers a compact footprint without compromising on performance with 24 L x 17 W x 36 H inches and weighs about 100 Lbs, requiring a sturdy table that can take the weight and movement of the unit.

Paired with the Parr Primary Temperature controller, it ensures seamless regulation of the reactor's heater, offering both low and high heat settings to accommodate a wide range of experimental needs. The inclusion of an RPM on/off switch, along with a control knob, provides users with convenient access to adjust the mixer's speed to their desired levels. While lacking an RPM display, the controller's intuitive design and reliable performance make it a trusted companion for researchers seeking to maintain precise conditions within their reactor setups.

Specification for Parr Reactor Reactor Model 4525

  • Reactor Head is Fitted with teflon seals
  • Pressure - 1900 PSI at 350C
  • Volume - 1000 mL ( 1 Liter )
  • Material of Contrustion T316 Stainless Steel
  • Analog Gauage - 1000 PSI 
  • Fixed Head Stirring Motor
  • Comes with Teflon insert for reactor vessel


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