Parr 4584 High Pressure Chemical Reactor 5500 ml Hastelloy C276

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Product Overview

Parr Hast C 1.5 Gallon High Pressure Reactor

Manufactured by Parr Instruments this model 4584 is the top of the line in the 4580 HT Reactor series. This is a fixed head unit with a working pressure of 3000 PSI. With the standard FG Flat Gasket, the high temperature range is 500 C with the standard gasket.

Scaling a Parr 1.5-gallon chemical reactor up or down can offer numerous advantages in various industrial processes. One notable benefit is increased production efficiency, allowing for larger batches in scaled-up scenarios or more precise experimentation in scaled-down applications. This adaptability is crucial for optimizing reaction conditions, improving yields, and accelerating research and development efforts. Scaling also aids in maintaining consistency and reproducibility across different reactor sizes, ensuring that results obtained in the laboratory can be seamlessly translated to larger production scales. Moreover, scaled reactors often lead to cost savings, as they permit better utilization of resources and reduce the need for excessive reagent quantities. Whether in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, or specialty chemicals, the benefits of scaling a 1.5-gallon chemical reactor contribute to enhanced productivity, improved process understanding, and overall advancements in chemical manufacturing.

Specifications for the Parr Model 4584 Reactor

  • Volume - 1.5 Gallon / 5500 ml
  • Material of Construction - Hastelloy C 276
  • Pressure - 3000 psi
  • Temperature - 500 C
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • Footprint - 20 x 31 x 75 (W x D X H)

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