Parr Pressure Reactor Hastelloy C 300 ml Volume

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Parr Instruments 300 ML Chemical Reactor Hastelloy C

Parr Pressure Reactor designed by Biotage with major electronics removed. 300 cc Hast C high pressure (Pmax 3000 psig ), Magnectic coupled variable speed stirring. Heated with hot oil circulation through the specially designed heater, (Tmax 350 C). Fixed head design. The head remains fixed in the mounting. When the reactor clamps are removed, the reactor cylinder and heater are lowered electronically to open the vessel. This leaves inlet, feed lines, discharge and vent lines, etc. undisturbed between runs. A controller is used to vary the stirring speed, as read by a tachometer, monitor the pressure and temperatures in the reactor as well as the heater. The reactor and the stand are in mint condition. ( 300 cc Volume ) Very similar to Parr Model 4561


(No reviews yet) Write a Review