Parr 4621 M400 Monel 1 Liter Pressure Vessel

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Parr 4600 Non Stirred m400 Monel Pressue Vessel 

Manufacture by Parr Instruments the 1 liter has a rating of 2000 psi @ 350 C. The material of constuction for head, cylinder and internal wetted parts is Alloy 400 M400 ( Monel )

A 1-liter non-stirred high-pressure reactor offers several advantages in laboratory and industrial applications. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller-scale experiments, ensuring efficient use of laboratory space. The absence of stirring mechanisms simplifies operation and maintenance while providing a cost-effective solution for researchers focused on reactions that do not require agitation. These reactors often feature robust construction materials, allowing them to withstand high pressures and temperatures, making them versatile for a range of chemical processes. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and materials science find these reactors beneficial for their ability to handle various reactions effectively while maintaining a compact footprint. The 1-liter capacity strikes a balance, offering enough volume for meaningful experimentation without excessive resource utilization, making it an essential tool for researchers seeking reliable and precise high-pressure reactions.

Cylinder, 1L volume with 4.0” ID and 5.4” inside depth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review