Parr 4622 Nickel Ni200 2 Liter High Pressure Vessel Non Stirred

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Parr 4622 Non Stirred Ni200 Nickel Monel Pressue Vessel 

Manufacture by Parr Instruments the 2 liter has a rating of 1100 psi @ 300 C. The material of constuction for head, cylinder and internal wetted parts is Alloy 400 M400 ( Monel ) External valves and fittings constructed of stainless steel

A 2-liter nickel non-stirred high-pressure reactor brings forth several advantages for researchers and industrial applications alike. The use of nickel in the reactor's construction enhances its corrosion resistance and durability, crucial for withstanding aggressive chemical environments. The 2-liter capacity is an ideal middle-ground, providing sufficient volume for larger-scale experiments without compromising the reactor's versatility. The absence of stirring components simplifies operation and maintenance, reducing the likelihood of mechanical issues and allowing for a cost-effective solution for reactions that don't require agitation. These reactors find utility in a range of industries, including petrochemicals, catalysis, and materials research, where the robust design and corrosion-resistant properties of nickel contribute to the reactor's longevity and reliability. Overall, the 2-liter nickel non-stirred high-pressure reactor offers researchers a dependable tool for conducting precise and controlled high-pressure reactions, supporting advancements in various scientific disciplines.

 2 Liter Cylinder with 4" ID and 10.5" inside depth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review