Mechatronics Corescan Solar Cell Scanner model SCRA 1900 10

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How to determine contact resistance of solar cell?

Mechatronics Corescan SCRA 1900 10 Solar Cell Scanner. A measuring device to determine contact resistance of solar cell metallisation over the total surface, 230 / 115 VAC , 50/60Hz, Interface: serial, 9 pin SUB D, measuring probe: 0.2 mm diameter. Weight 28 kg.  solar cell size: 200-1000 micro m, X-axis 50-205 mm, Y-axis 20-2-5 mm Cell shape: Square, semi-square, rectangle, circle,  X,Y axis:  range: 0-215, speed: 10-20 mm/sec. adjustable, X resolution: 0.1 mm fixed, Y resolution 0.5-200 mm adjustable. with software, and computer. The Core Scan method : series resistance sources can be detected by potential differences that occur over these resistances while current is flowing in the device

Solar Cell Mapping



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