New Brunswick Innova 4300 Incubator Shaker

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Product Overview

Innova 4300 Shaker Incubator New Brunswick Heavy Duty

New Brunswick Scientific Incubator Shaker Model Innova 4300, Large capacity, heavy duty, microprocessor control maintains accurate temperature and shaking speed on a 1" circular orbit. Alarms are activated for deviations of shaking speed, set temperature and end of timed run.

Shaker Specifications:

Platform Size:18 x 30 in
Max.Cap.250 ml flasks: 30
Max.Cap. 4 x 6 L
Orbit Diameter:1 in
Temperature Range:Ambient +5° to 60°C
Agitation (rpm):25 to 500
Dim (W x D x H):43 x 28 x 37 in
Voltage:150 V
HZ 60/50 Hz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review