Spectrum Labs Peristaltic Pump 900-1272 with 900-1270 Controller

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Product Overview

Spectrum Labs Peristaltic Pump 900-1272 with Controller 900-1270 Manufactured by Masterflex

The Spectrum Peristaltic Pump 900-1272 motor embodies reliability and precision in fluid handling applications, paired with the model 900-1270 controller, seamless integration ensures smooth operation and enhanced control over pumping processes. Notably, the controller features an intuitive on/off switch that cleverly doubles as a forward and reverse switch, adding versatility to the system's functionality. This innovative design feature streamlines operation, simplifying user interaction while optimizing efficiency. Whether in research laboratories, industrial settings, or medical environments, the Spectrum Peristaltic Pump 900-1272 motor, alongside its companion controller, delivers exceptional performance, making it a trusted choice for fluid management needs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review