ThermoElectrics Unlimited Stir Kool Model SK12 Cooling plate

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ThermoElectrics Unlimited Stir Kool Model SK12

The ThermoElectrics Unlimited Stir Kool SK12 stirring cool plate is a versatile and indispensable tool for laboratories requiring precise temperature control and efficient stirring capabilities. With a BTU/Hr of 130, the SK12 offers rapid and uniform cooling of samples, ensuring consistent experimental conditions for a wide range of applications. Its integrated stirring mechanism enables thorough mixing of solutions, promoting homogeneity and facilitating chemical reactions. With user-friendly controls and a compact design, the SK12 is easy to operate and fits seamlessly into laboratory workflows. Whether used for synthesis, crystallization, or enzyme assays, the Stir Kool SK12 enhances productivity and reliability, empowering researchers to achieve accurate and reproducible results in their experiments.

Plate Diameter: 3 Inches




(No reviews yet) Write a Review