Flow Sciences 2 Ft VBSE Clear Acrylic Hood

Flow Science

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Product Overview

Flow Sciences 2' Plastic Ventilated Balance Safety Enclosure Model FS20100

Manufactured by Flow Sciences this Model FS20100 2 ft Flow Science Smoke Hood is a compact yet highly effective device designed to ensure safety and efficiency in various laboratory environments. With its sleek design and compact size, this smoke hood offers a portable solution for containing and extracting harmful smoke, fumes, and particulates. Equipped with advanced airflow technology, it swiftly captures and directs contaminants away from the user, maintaining a clean and breathable workspace. Built with a flared Phenolic Resin Base, this unit will contain any unforeseen sample spills and minimize clean up. Whether used in educational settings, research laboratories, or industrial facilities, the 2ft Flow Science Smoke Hood stands as a reliable safeguard against airborne hazards, promoting a healthier and more productive work environment.

Flow Science Model FS20100 Specifications

The FS20100 Series Smoke Hood comes with a single vent for moving air to a purifier unit or too outside the building. This unit also comes with 2 small cable management holes on the back bottom side panels.


  • Length: 30 inch
  • Width: 24 inch
  • Height: 21 inch


  • Length: 21 3/4 inch
  • Width: 22 1/2 inch
  • Height: 18 inch


(No reviews yet) Write a Review